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architect - noun a person who designs buildings and in many cases also supervises their construction. ORIGIN mid 16th cent.:from French architecte, from Italian architetto, via Latin from Greek arkhitecton, from arckhi 'chief' + tekton 'builder'. NEW OXFORD ENGLISH DICTIONARY
architecture - noun an idea in three dimensions. STEPHEN S GORDON


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Glasgow Architect Stephen S. Gordon's proposal for the Loch Lomond visitor centre

Stephen S. Gordon Associates, Glasgow Architects, was founded in 1980 by Stephen Gordon. We pride ourselves in our personal attention. In the last thirty years we have carried out a wide range of projects for our residential, commercial and industrial clients. We're creative and try our hardest to give our clients what they want. 

We have a wealth of experience. We've been involved in a full range of architectural and interior design projects in and around Glasgow - new homes, house extensions, local authority approvals, commercial work including restaurants, office refurbishments and new industrial buildings. We can work alongside quantity surveyors, structural engineers, M & E consultants to provide comprehensive pre and post contract services including site supervision. Most importantly we work alongside you.

Where practical we will agree fees before we start our work. Our clients like to know what they're getting for their money. We have a long list of satisfied, repeat customers in the private and the public sector.  A is for Architecture. Architecture is our business.

Please contact Stephen Gordon (tel: 07966.134446) to discuss your requirements.

Example of Architectural Animation

Example of Architectural Animation

Example of Architectural Animation

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